The main aspect of our philanthropic lottery, gaming and casino portal are the charities that we are supporting with giving them a significant part of our revenue every year.

We have partnered with A percentage of your spending on their online portal (games and lotteries) will be donated to LoveYourNuts. The money you win is 100% yours! We just get a cut of your spending. While you enjoy your online gaming our fantesticle cause will benefit from it.

Your funds will contribute to the development of our educational gaming app, which teaches school children the importance of detecting cancer early.

How does it work?

You can scan the QR code or click on this link and it takes you the gaming page.

You have to register as player and can start playing. accept all mayor pay options from cards to bitcoins.

Please invite friends, family members, colleagues or fellow players to join by using the QR code or link above. It is important to use the QR code or the invitation link above because it will link you as supporter of LoveYourNuts. Thank you!

The platform is international and not restricted to South Africa only!