We all have stories to tell.
we – (testicular) cancer survivors – often like to share our stories not because we are looking for sympathy, but rather raise awareness about cancer and encourage patients not to give up.

Besides Torsten, we are looking for other testicular cancer survivors who are willing to share their story in front of an audience. Feel free to contact us.

Invite Torsten

I share my story in a humorous way and make staff of your company aware of this young man’s cancer – most common in the age group 15 to 45.
Talks at schools are in small groups or at the whole school at the assembly. Yes, girls should be there too. They all have a brother, father, boyfriend and later in their life a husband and a son – they can make them aware too.

I share my journey at events: sport, cultural [view Pecha Kutcha – Cape Town], radio stations, talks, fundraiser events, concerts, etc to reach as many people as possible.
Feel free to contact me if you/your company/your school/your sport club is interested to listen to my journey and get inspired to follow your dreams!

Guest Speaker at Testicular Cancer World Summit – Denver, USA

It was fantesticle news when I received the invitation to be a guest speaker at the cancer summit!

Being a cancer survivor we all of have story to tell. Besides sharing my cancer journey and the goals of “Love your Nuts” I focused on something “different”: the challenges of a testicular cancer mission in South Africa where besides cancer and its horrible side-effects people have to deal with: no or limited access to clinics, doctors and education in general, language barriers, witchcraft, cultural taboos, stigma, rejection, lack of funds, lack of medication and lack of knowledge to name but a few.