Your Goodie bag can save a life!

I was a teacher when I had testicular cancer 1995. Since then, I explained the risk of testicular cancer every year in class to make the boys aware. A former student of mine invited me for coffee in 2006 and said to me: Because you made us aware I went to the doc in time. I’ve got testicular cancer too. I’m 16 and you saved my life. Thank you! Just imagine this is your son! (Torsten Koehler)

We visit schools to educate the students in a humorous way about the risks of cancer and that early detection is lifesaving.

Every student receives a branded goodie bag with the following content: #loveyournuts flyer on how to check your nuts, peak cap, stress balls (the students must give them to their dads because they are at risk too).

This is an ongoing project

A goodie bag cost R 150 and the impact could be a saved life. One goodie bag is likely to reach more than 7 people due to the household situation in South Africa. This means we educate about cancer and raise awareness for less than R 21/child.

If the goodie bag is sponsored by a company, it will include their advertising material too. We can issue S18 tax certificates which is tax deductible.

Sponsor a goodiebag for a child and if you are from the corporate world please contact us here.