Educational Cancer Smart App

Knowledge and early detection are the best weapons against cancer. If we can educate our children early in their lives, the survival rate will be much higher. Changing the behaviour of young people by teaching them to look after their health will lead to a healthier next generation who will uplift their communities.

Funds raised will be used to develop a functional prototype that can help us secure support from larger investors, get legal advice to protect the rights of the children who will be using our app, consult with medical experts to revise the cancer information and keep it up to date and cover the cost of testing and further development.

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Don’t mind the man running below Table Mountain in his Speedo. As a cancer survivor, Torsten Koehler is drawing attention to Love Your Nuts, the campaign he founded to get men talking about testicular cancer.

Testicular Cancer is a shy cancer and the most common cancer in the age group 15 to 45. Have you checked your nuts for testicular cancer lumps today? Click here to learn more.

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