Cancer Smart Gaming App

Our Cancer Smart gaming app is for students from Grade 3 to 12 (age 10 to 19).

The main goals throughout the game are to educate:

  • Where can I find help if I am diagnosed with cancer?
  • How can I support a family member or friend that is diagnosed with cancer?
  • How my healthy lifestyle will lower my risk of getting cancer.
  • How early detection increases the chance to survive cancer.
  • What can I do in my community to educate and raise awareness?

This educational gaming app is full of “challenges” to get as cancer smart as possible. While virtually floating through your body kids are taught the facts about cancer, the importance of early detection and how healthy lifestyle can lower your risk.

It can be played as an individual, class groups or as competitions between schools worldwide. In partnership with any education department Cancer Smart can be rolled out in any country.

Partnership with Nelson Mandela University
We have partnered with the Centre for Community Technologies, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa to develop this game and need funding for this project.
The Centre works closely with the Ministries of Health and Education. This will help us to get the information to all school children in South Africa.

Research options
We like to offer universities/researchers a partnership if their research project is our target group – high school children. The concept is that researchers can plug-in at the back-end of this app to get the data they need for their projects.
Research projects could be about cancer, any other disease, artificial intelligence, depression, nutrition, fitness, obesity, etc. that will contribute to health improvement of the younger generations.

Cancer Smart School Programme

The content of the Cancer Smart booklet: cancer information, cancer treatment, and how to support those living with cancer.
For the teachers it includes a manual on how to generate classroom discussions about cancer information, cancer treatment, and how to support those living with cancer. This material will help students to cope with and learn about cancer, as well as get involved in the fight against cancer in your community. This programme complements the gaming app.